Office Staff:

Merlinda Rose and Teri Schotanus keep the place running! Any questions you have about our programs, scheduling, or insurance, these hard working ladies will have an answer to. 


Wellness Staff:

Marissa Michelle - Yoga

Marissa's unique and fun style of hatha yoga matches her commitment to recovery: she laughs and plays on the mat, while teaching a strong foundational Warrior-based flow. With the right balance of hippie incense and life experience, Marissa incorporates 12-step principles and positive affirmations at the end of each session. She believes that we are all Teachers, and hopes to help activate each student's own inner healer through mindful movement and meditative breathwork. Marissa works daily in the 505 sobriety and fitness scenes, attending daily 12-step meetings and bringing the program to inpatient facilities; endorsing and modeling for sober-fit campaigns; working at a local hot yoga school; volunteer-teaching for the recovery community at sober living facilities; and, working at the weekly growers' market. She enjoys volcano climbs; long walks into the wilderness; travel and learning; delicious fresh food and laughter the most. Look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Dr. Marcus Trujillo - Acudetox

Dr. J. Marcus Trujillo DOM, is an Albuquerque local who has had a long passion for the healing arts. Starting from a very young age Dr. Trujillo has sought to help others with their aches and pains through the power of touch. Later in High School, Dr. Trujillo studied sports medicine extensively while also attempting to be an athlete. While attending NMMI, Marcus became the Head student trainer for the Colts, both High school and college teams. At UNM Dr. Trujillo studied theatrical arts and became enthralled with the healing power of story. Upon finishing his BFA, Dr. Trujillo attended Southwest Acupuncture College. It was at SWAC, that Dr. Trujillo discovered his joy for oriental and the results is produces. He now happily assists Perfectly Imperfect in all their efforts in helping those battling addiction