Kevin Foust, LSAA

Kevin holds a bachelors degree in psychology (Basic in Addiction Counseling) from the University of New Mexico, and is currently working MSW/MBA at New Mexico Highlands University. Kevin currently is a Licensed Substance Abuse Associate (LSAA) and Certified Peer Support Worker in the state of New Mexico. Kevin is deeply committed to using his unique life experiences and education with addiction/mental health to work for the benefit of those still suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. Kevin’s uses his calm and compassionate demeanor to meet clients where they are at, and supports them in their journey to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing to overcome addiction and mental health problems. Kevin’s approach to healing is rooted in Humanistic therapy, The 12 steps, trauma-informed care, and mindfulness. Kevin believes that people already have the necessary power within them to overcome any obstacle; sometimes people need some assistances regaining access to that power. Kevin’s ultimate goal is to help people recreate their lives by tapping into their inner power, and developing a deep connection with self, others, and their communities.