Dominic J. Cagliostro, LCSW, LADAC: 

Dominic holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from UNM, and master’s degree from NMHU, is currently a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW), and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC), a Certified Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, and a Certified Moral Reconition Therapist in both substance abuse and domestic violence. His work experience includes counselor at outpatient treatment centers throughout the Albuquerque community, adolescent residential treatment and re integration centers, the city jail and conference presenter at 2013 Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators (ACSWE) biennial conference and 2014 New Mexico Social Workers Conference 2014.

Due to his education, previous life and work experiences, demeanor, and authenticity, he is able to develop a deep connection, and alliance, with his clients, and almost instant credibility.  With incredible enthusiasm and an infectious, high-energy, positive attitude Dominic uses that credibility to reach an otherwise difficult to reach population and the examination of the deeper feelings that rationalize their behaviors, and to inspire and motivate them to move towards healthy, positive choices and make great life changes.