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Our Clinical Staff:

Dominic J. Cagliostro, LCSW, LADAC:    Owner/Operator

Angela Shepard, LMSW: Clinician

Hayley J. Taylor, LMSW: Operations Director

Jae Dennis, LMSW: Clinician

Jonathan R. Willoughby, LMSW: Program Director

Nicole Mishoe, LMSW,LSAA: IOP Manager

NMHU Clinical Interns

At Perfectly Imperfect clients come together in a confidential, comfortable, supportive, and trusting setting to discuss:

  • goals
  • aspirations
  • ideas
  • experiences
  • solutions

Clients learn how to experience vibrant balanced lives through a holistic approach to healing including:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Evidence Based Treatment modalities
  • Wellness Classes

For optimum patient care, Perfectly Imperfect leverages relationships with local organizations such as medical facilities, homeless shelters, housing and employment assistance programs, legal aid and the human services division.